What is Qi United?

We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 Organization focused on helping Veterans who are faced with harsh PTSD related issues such as stress, anger, anxiety and depression. We provide solutions that get to the core of emotional and physical trauma.


Proven techniques such as Tumo breath, Pranayama and inspired performance breathing from the Wim Hof method are powerful to reset the mind and balance emotions.

Calm the Brain

We are not meant to do life alone...
Compounded with this is our obstacle training program and support group interaction through
physical fitness using a series of HIIT / plyometric designs for all physical abilities. A combination of
Tai Chi flow, Qi gong strength through stillness, Yoga stretching and flexibility, breath work and explosive MMA movements complete our Qi Force regimen.

We share the importance of recovery through mindfulness and meditation to calmthe brain and body. We believe acupuncture is another powerful way to tap into the body and allow it to reset and heal from the outside in.


Blood flow to the vital organs becme high functioning and get rejuvinated in this process. Whether it be chronic pain, sleep disorders, digestive problems or depression, the needles find a way to give relief immediaely. We promote cold immersion training and extremity training in the ice. This has many benefits to flushing out impurities in the body and inflamation. Also good for weight loss, circulation and to boost recovery after exercise. As much as the cold is a powerful way to influence the mindset in a positive and powerful way we promote the HOT sauna as well.

It all is about shocking the system and challenging yourself.

Finding a way to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations prepares us for lifes challenges. We are not meant to do life in alone... Together we are stronger! Be United, We United, Qi United!!!