The Power of Breathwork vs. Pharmaceuticals & Plant medicine... A natural way to heal the body!

The Amazing Origin Story of Qi United; The Most Powerful Actionable Solutions for Veteran Integration & Connecting Back into Community


Our mission is to positively affect those who have sacrificed everything and give them the tools and skill sets as they integrate back into society, to overcome the internal and external obstacles they face daily.

What makes us different is that we offer actionable solutions that can be implemented today!
We share the power of breathwork, mindfulness and meditation skills to help settle down feelings of anxiety, stress, anger and depression. They experience cold plunges in freezing temperatures and hot immersions in the sweat lodge that may be challenging but illustrates the ability to find the calm in the storm, peace and tranquility.

This is followed up with a custom designed strength training program, boxing and martial arts, “Qi-Force” physical fitness that is made for all abilities and to meet the challenges on & off the obstacle courses. Our focus is to help heal, inspire and connect the Veteran community.