Damon Damato on FYI with Rowena


Our mission is to positively affect those who have served and give them the tools to overcome the internal and external obstacles they face on a day to day.

We share mindfulness and meditational skills to help settle down feelings of anxiety, stress, anger and depression. This is followed up with a custom designed strength training program, “Qi-Force” made for all abilities and to meet the challenges on & off the obstacle courses. Lastly it is all about the recovery from (TCM) acupuncture to cold immersion, sauna and perfomance breathing. Our focus is to help heal, inspire and connect the Veteran community.



It’s all about the breath work. I have learned how to keep my frustrations and anger at bay and found true inner calmness so I can share me true self with my family.

Bobby Cirello

The obstacle training helped me get back on top, feeling strong and confident. Through the performance breathing I now have the tools to tap into a peaceful state any time.


Vita Sykes

After a session I always feel awesome and refreshed! The Qi United program is motivating, empowering and highly effective. It has propelled me to new heights in order to achieve my purpose.

Wendell Blaylock Air Force Captain