Damon Damato

Damon D'Amato is a writer / publisher of the Distinguished Women and Men series of books. D'Amato has interviewed and photographed over 600 of the most influential figures in the State of Nevada in over 75 diverse professions. He is also an activational speaker for Veterans health regarding nutrition and works within the community to share highly effective breathing techniques that have the power to impact and neutralize pain and fear related to PTSD issues. He is the Chief Qi Strategist and Founder of Qi to Life Experience that empowers people to put their life force into their life's work. He dedicates time on a weekly basis to the Holistic House project which is an after care program for those in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Here he integrates Qi Gong / Tai Chi into their habit loops and exposes how focused conscience breathing allows them the ability to regain control of their life. Damon tours with the Qi Revolution to share healing concepts around the United States and belongs to the largest Qi organization, "Supreme Science Qi Gong Foundation." He is honored to act as President of the non-profit organization, Qi United. Damon says, "My goal is to have a Qi United outpost in every major city teaching, inspiring and thriving which will always be free and of service to the men and women those who have served by 2020."

Jeff Primack

Jeff Primack holds dual bachelor degrees from University of Florida, one in Eastern philosophy and one in Business.  For over 15 years he has operated Supreme Science Qigong Center teaching seminars and over time formulating his modern day Qigong system.  Jeff has Authored dozens of books and is regarded as a Food Healing Pioneer. His books have sold thousands of copies and his food healing principles have been time tested as effective in reversing the effects of many diseases.  Jeff has certified over 3,000 Qigong Teachers across the United States and provided tens of thousands of Continuing Education Hours to healing professionals of all kinds.