Jon Henderson

Jon Henderson is a 44 year old retired FDNY Firefighter from the Bronx.  Forced to retire after 17 years due to job related injuries (Cervical Fusion surgery 2009, 9/11 Related Sinus surgery 2011) and not happy with the results of treatment being provided by the FDNY Doctors, he opted for alternative methods and moved to San Diego in 2013.  In June he began consuming organic juices and smoothies with great results, lost significant weight and increased self awareness regarding diet and lifestyle choices.


In September he became certified as Supreme Science Qigong instructor to maximize his own practice, it was calming yet powerful and it didn't aggravate his herniated cervical discs.  After a year of practicing qigong, doing regular Breath Empowerment and using food as medicine he lost over 80 pounds, significantly improved his lung volume, stopped using pharmaceutical painkillers and all of the prescription medicines he was told he would need for the rest of his life (for 9/11 related sinus, lung and stomach conditions).


His story is an inspiring one that he is happy to share with all people who want to improve their quality of life.  He is especially interested in teaching Active and Retired Firefighters, Police and Military.

Todd Nichols

Todd Nichols, in 1987 began his wellness path working in the physical therapy rehabilitation unit at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN.  In 1990, he moved back to his roots of Florida with the intent to finish college and work in the physical therapy profession. He took a position at an out-patient sports medicine clinic.  There he discovered massage and the healing power of touch. In 1993, he graduated from The Humanities Center and became a licensed massage therapist. In 1996, he left the sports medicine center to open his private massage therapy practice and training facility.  While on this journey he was led to a life changing practice called Qigong.


His first introduction to Qigong was in 2008.  He is now a team member and practitioner of Qigong Supreme Science Foundation (QSSF).  He is a Level 3 instructor and is an advisor and mentor in the clinical setting.


October 2012, he was offered to teach qigong through a federal grant with veterans weekly in the inpatient lock-down unit at BayPines Veterans Hospital. Qigong quickly proved its value. Since then, he has done separate qigong groups for various departments at the VA.  He believes spiritual intervention is the power behind the growth for qigong with veterans and in other inspiring environments.  Many people are faced with extreme hardships such as PTSD and addiction.  He utilizes  “Special Breathing” methods tailored to his unique audience.


The feedback from the veterans has been empowering and it has proven to be one of the groups that they look forward to the most while on the unit. Qigong is a very positive, natural modality that we are proud to offer for our men and women who have served our country.   *Alina Gonzalez-Mayo, MD Section Chief Inpatient Unit.   


In 2010, he was offered a rewarding opportunity to teach qigong at a national rehabilitation establishment. The Westcare Foundation is a 250 bed in-patient and out-patient substance abuse security facility. Many of the clients are referred thru the courts and the Department of Corrections. His classes have continued weekly and increased from 1 to 3 groups. Qigong has become a part of the rehabilitation process.  


“QiGong has helped clients develop personal awareness and reduce their anxiety and stress. The mindful intent and rhythmic movements of QiGong have also provided a method for clients to learn self-comfort/soothing skills -an alternative to drug use. I highly recommend using QiGong in programs like ours.”.  *Robert Neri, Chief Clinical officer Westcare Foundation

Steve Entin

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